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EU SPIDIA Project - Standardization and Improvement of Generic Preanalytical Tools and Procedures for In Vitro Diagnostics

Molecular profiles in clinical samples can change drastically after their collection from patients and during transport, storage, archiving and biomolecule isolation. This can make diagnostics or research unreliable or even invalid. The European FP7 project SPIDIA has developed new technologies and tools for securing good quality patient samples and has started to developed new evidence based EU standard documents for improving pre-analytical workflows.



Dr. Uwe Oelmüller, Head of MDx Sample Preparation Technologies - QIAGEN GmbH

Dr. Uwe Oelmüller is the coordinator of the European FP7 Consortium Project SPIDIA. At QIAGEN he is heading the technology center ”Sample Preparation Technologies” within global MDx Development. The center involves technology and product development projects for clinical sample collection, cellular biomolecule profile preservation, sample storage, transport and archiving, and the isolation and analysis of human and pathogen nucleic acids.





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