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Cybathlon Team HSR ENHANCED

The Cybathlon is a championship for pilots with disabilities who are using advanced assistive devices including robotic technologies.
It took place for the first time on October 8th 2016 in Zurich Kloten. The competitions are comprised of six disciplines that test the ability of pilots to navigate a series of everyday tasks, while using assistive devices and robotic technology.
The ILT has won the Powered Wheelchair Race 2016 as Cybathlon Team HSR Enhanced and aims to defend the title in 2020. Our pilot is Florian Hauser. More information:

Aims of the project

  • Develop a robotic wheelchair.
  • Enable the pilot to overcome the six obstacles in the championship safely, accurately and within time limits.
  • Provide maximal agility and fun to our pilot at the Cybathlon race.



Within ten months, the ILT has developed the robotic wheelchair ‚ZED‘ in three project phases:

  1. Concept phase: technology research and concept development at ILT.
  2. Functional protoype development: a team of B.Sc and M.Sc students finalizes the concept, develops the functionalities and integrates them into a functional protopye.
  3. Race prototype development: the ILT team improves the design and finalizes the development of the race-ready device ‚ZED‘.

We have successfully finished every phase according to specifications and on time. Every phase has been accompanied by heavy testing and feedbacks by the pilot.


By combination of straightforward technical development and the commitment and skills of our pilot Florian, HSR Enhanced has exceeded all expectations:

  • The robotic wheelchair has performed reliably and safely.
  • Both pilot and wheelchair have delivered their optimal performance.
  • HSR Enhanced has negotiated the course with a perfect score and faster than all competitors.
  • HSR Enhanced is champion of the Powered Wheelchair Race at Cybathlon 2016!



After winning the Powered Wheelchair Race 2016, HSR Enhanced will start in a second discipline at Cybathlon 2020: the Powered Exoskeleton Race. For this, HSR Enhanced teams up with VariLeg, the exoskeleton team of the ETH Zurich.


In 2017, HSR Enhanced focuses on the participation in the CYBATHLON EXPERIENCE that takes place at the RehaCare fair in Düsseldorf (October 4th to 7th 2017). HSR Enhanced will participate in several show races. At the RehaCare fair, about 40'000 visitors, 750 exhibitors and 250 journalists are expected.



You may support us as a Bronze, Silver or Gold Sponsor for our participation in the Cybathlon Experience and other team activities in 2017. You find further information here: Sponsorship Packages English, Sponsorenpackages German.

We are looking forward to teaming up with you!


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