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SeyMotion Personal Pipettor, Complete Liquid Handling Traceability, towards the connected lab using SiLA and AnIML Standard

A growing number of regulations and standards place increased demand on quality control for liquid handling processes. Seyonic’s Sensor Controlled Pipetting Technology allows for precise monitoring and complete validation of every single liquid transfer. It will be clear that to assure traceability this will demand efficient storage and handling of important amounts of data. The SiLA-AnIML Data Standard is a perfect match for our SiLA-controlled Pipetting Workstation.


Daniel Juchli, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at SiLA Consortium / Head Lab & Research IT at wega Informatik AG, Basel

With a background as a chemist, software developer and executive of research and development for laboratory automation and research informatics, Daniel is SiLA’s Chief Technical Officer, heavily involved in further development of SiLA’s standards and Initiative projects.



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