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Based on its wide know-how in the field of actuators, sensors, control and communication technologies, the ILT realises complete mechatronic solutions – from feasibility studies to pilot production. The ILT has also expertise in the field of image processing to fulfill highest requirements in process quality and safety.


CASCAD linear drive system

Development, realization and series production of a cost effective modular linear drive system, which will be used in several applications based on miniature mechanical systems.


Solar Device

By attaching solar elements on fabrics with conductive yarn, it is possible to generate fully flexible fabrics with photovoltaic capabilities. In this project, the task of the ILT was to develop an automated industry-compliant solution for the "detachment of the cell from the film" process step. A corresponding station has to be realized to detach the cut solar cells.


Smart Pump

Development of advanced techniques for the control and diagnostics of pump.