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Spontaneous Automation Enabled by Computer Vision

In many research applications, the needs change too quickly for the traditional laboratory automation solutions to be feasible. UniteLabs is building a spontaneous automation solution that adapts to the needs and task at hand and is easy enough for the biologists to configure. This has become recently possible due to powerful IoT specifications, like SiLA 2, computer vision, machine learning and affordable computation. In this presentation, we discuss the criteria for spontaneous automation, exciting resulting advantages and our approach to everyday automation in the lab.


Oskari Vinko, UniteLabs

Oskari is an ETH Pioneer Fellow and one of the Co-Founders at UniteLabs, which is a nascent ETH Spin-Off from Basel providing solutions for spontaneous automation. Before this adventure, Oskari has studied in three universities and founded two startups, based in Finland. He is also a passionate science communication trainer giving a course at University of Basel.


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