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Improving Lab Automation and IVD Applications with Deep Learning Vision Software

In devices performing everything from simple diagnostic tests to sophisticated DNA analysis, Deep Learning Vision helps to improve efficiency and increase throughput and can help to diagnose medical images without the need of human intervention. Presented applications are:

  • Appearance based blood sample tube classification
  • Quality inspection of centrifuged blood samples


Dr. Jörg Vandenhirtz, Cognex

Jörg has a scientific background in Particle Physics. He did his Masters at the CMS Experiment at CERN, Geneva and his PhD at the AMS Experiment on the ISS at NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA. In 1998 Jörg co-founded the machine vision startup LemnaTec focusing on the development of plant inspection systems.

Since 2014 Jörg took the position as Business Development Manager of Cognex Vision Products for the European Life Science Market.



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