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Towards industry 4.0 for the laboratory: European support and regional initiatives

The digital transformation is in full swing in many industries and the laboratory is no exception. The European Commission initiative on Digital Innovation Hubs supports this transformation and the recent approval of the DIH-HERO project will shortly create a pole on laboratory automation including new funding for small-scale projects. Regional initiatives such as the BioLAGO health network, as well as structures such as SiLA (Standards in Laboratory Automation) all help to build an effective network locally. This presentation will give an overview of the new opportunities.


Dr Patrick Courtney, leader of European working group on analytical laboratory automation

Dr. Patrick Courtney, managing director of tec-connection, is an expert for laboratory and robot technologies. With the aim of developing the optimum robot technology and networking strategy for the laboratory of the future, he would like to actively promote further development in the field of robotics and automation. Dr. Patrick Courtney has more than 20 years of professional experience in technology development and has worked for international companies such as PerkinElmer and Sartorius. As member of the Board of SiLA (Standards in Laboratory Automation) Constortium and through the involvement in the European Commission's robotic program via euRobotics as well as in the topic group on analytical laboratory robotics, Patrick has the best connection to the European laboratory sector.